MARLEY (Model of Argon Reaction Low Energy Yields)  v1.1.0
A Monte Carlo event generator for tens-of-MeV neutrino-nucleus interactions in liquid argon
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marley::RootJSONConfig Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for marley::RootJSONConfig:

Public Member Functions

 RootJSONConfig (const marley::JSON &object)
virtual bool process_extra_source_types (const std::string &type, const marley::JSON &source_spec, int pdg_code, std::unique_ptr< marley::NeutrinoSource > &source) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from marley::JSONConfig
 JSONConfig (const marley::JSON &object)
marley::Generator create_generator () const
InterpMethod get_interpolation_method (const std::string &rule) const
const marley::JSONget_json () const
int neutrino_pdg (const std::string &nu) const
void prepare_direction (marley::Generator &gen) const
void prepare_neutrino_source (marley::Generator &gen) const
void prepare_reactions (marley::Generator &gen) const
void prepare_structure (marley::Generator &gen) const
void set_json (const marley::JSON &json)
void update_logger_settings () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from marley::JSONConfig
using InterpMethod = marley::InterpolationGrid< double >::InterpolationMethod
- Protected Member Functions inherited from marley::JSONConfig
std::string source_get (const char *name, const marley::JSON &source_spec, const char *description, const char *default_str) const
 Helper function for loading strings from the JSON configuration.
- Protected Attributes inherited from marley::JSONConfig
marley::JSON json_
 JSON object describing this configuration.

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