Correspondence addressed specifically to the current core developer(s) of MARLEY may be sent to

Mailing list

Release announcements and occasional MARLEY-related news items are sent to the MARLEY-USERS mailing list hosted by Fermilab. The list also serves as a forum for general discussion about MARLEY and low-energy neutrino physics more broadly.

To subscribe, send an email with a blank subject line to [email protected]. The body of the email should contain only a single line with the text


where your name should be replaced with your actual name. Subscribers are allowed to send email messages to the list.

You may also unsubscribe from the list by sending an email to [email protected]. The subject line should once again be blank. In this case, the body of the email should consist of the single line


More detailed instructions for users of Fermilab LISTSERV mailing lists are available here.

Bug reports

The preferred method for reporting MARLEY bugs is via the official issue tracker on GitHub. The New issue button on the issue tracker webpage may be used by anyone with a (free) GitHub account to report a problem.

If you are unsure whether or not you have found a bug, please send an email to and ask for help.

Specificity and detail in bug reports are greatly appreciated. Examples of useful pieces of information to mention in a bug report include the following:

Bug description

Describe the problem that you have encountered and the circumstances under which it arises. Are there situations in which the bug can be avoided? Include any warning or error messages issued by MARLEY. Screenshots may be helpful in some cases.

Expected behavior

Describe how you would expect the code to behave if it were working correctly. Sometimes this is obvious (e.g., for bugs that cause MARLEY to crash), but physics-related bugs in particular may be subtle.

Minimal working example

Provide instructions and any appropriate supplemental materials (e.g., the job configuration file used for the simulation) that will allow someone else to reproduce the problem. Supplemental files may be attached to bug reports posted on the GitHub issue tracker. A bug is typically easiest to fix when the instructions given to reproduce it are made as simple as possible.

Version information

Mention the version of MARLEY (marley --version) used and the operating system (e.g., macOS Catalina 10.15.5) on which it was run. Version information for the compiler used to build MARLEY (e.g., Apple clang 11.0.3) is also frequently useful.

Stack trace

For bugs that lead to a crash, including a stack trace in the report may facilitate diagnosis of the underlying cause. Users that feel comfortable building MARLEY with debugging symbols (make debug) and providing this information are encouraged to do so.