New website and Neutrino 2020

Published by Steven Gardiner on 2020-06-29 21:55:00

After several years of existence as an uninviting landing page for MARLEY’s Doxygen-based API documentation, the website has now been completely revamped.

Fans of the old site can still find an updated version of the API documentation here.

Today marks the beginning of the second week of the biannual Neutrino conference. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the conference is being held completely online this year. Slides and video recordings of the plenary talks are available on the conference agenda webpage.

Many scientific posters on a wide variety of topics have also been prepared for Neutrino 2020. These are being presented via a combination of downloadable PDF files, two-minute video explanations, and live conversations with the poster authors using a customized version of the Mozilla Hubs virtual reality plaform.

Although my own Neutrino 2020 poster (#549) is not related to MARLEY, the code is nevertheless having quite a showing at the conference. I’ve counted eight posters so far that include results calculated using MARLEY:

  • Avinay Bhat for MicroBooNE, “MeV-scale physics in MicroBooNE,” poster #4

  • Peibo An for COHERENT, “A machine learning approach to study the neutrino charged-current interaction on 127I,” poster #13

  • Ivan Lepetic et al., “Seeing the invisible: benefits and capabilities of MeV-scale reconstruction in single-phase LArTPCs,” poster #88

  • Erin Conley for DUNE, “Using boosted decision trees to identify supernova neutrino interactions in DUNE,” poster #307

  • Samuel Hedges for COHERENT, “Electron neutrino charged-current interactions on I-127 in the COHERENT NaIvE detector,” poster #420

  • Jacob Daughhetee for COHERENT, “Neutrino-induced neutron detectors at the Spallation Neutron Source,” poster #428

  • Biswaranjan Behera for DUNE, “Detecting supernova neutrinos using the DUNE photon detection system,” poster #474

  • Diane Markoff for COHERENT, “A ton-scale NaI detector for neutrino-nucleus scattering measurements,” poster #554

It has been great to see all of the exciting work being done by MARLEY users. If I’ve missed your MARLEY-related poster, please send me an email about it!

A final tag for MARLEY v1.2.0 and an associated paper on the arXiv are both just around the corner. Stay tuned and happy remainder of Neutrino 2020!