MARLEY (Model of Argon Reaction Low Energy Yields)  v1.1.1
A Monte Carlo event generator for tens-of-MeV neutrino-nucleus interactions on argon
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MARLEY documentation

The source code for MARLEY v1.1.1 is available here or from the official MARLEY GitHub repository. Build requirements: g++ >= 4.9 (or clang++ >= 3.4), GNU make, and the GNU Scientific Library (GSL)

MARLEY may also be built as a product for the relocatable ups tool developed by Fermilab. To do so, use the code found in the ups-specific repository.

The nuclear structure data that we recommend for use with MARLEY are primarily taken from TALYS-1.6 and are available in the source code tar.gz file under the structure/ subdirectory.

A journal publication discussing the models implemented in MARLEY is in preparation. If you would like to refer to calculations performed using MARLEY in published work, please contact Steven Gardiner ( ) for the most current bibliographic information to use in citations.