Publication in Phys. Rev. C

Published by Steven Gardiner on 2021-04-05 17:15:00

I am pleased to announce that the first peer-reviewed journal article presenting the MARLEY treatment of charged-current νe scattering on 40Ar was published this morning in Physical Review C.

The new paper provides a detailed description of the physics models for this process as implemented in MARLEY v1.2.0, the current stable release of the code. Calculations of a variety of total and differential cross sections are shown. The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications for supernova neutrino energy reconstruction and prospects for future improvements to MARLEY.

Although this article is the first refereed publication focused on MARLEY itself, results calculated using the code have been presented in several other scientific papers. A growing list of these is available in the bibliography section of this website.

A companion paper documenting MARLEY’s implementation and usage was also recently submitted to Computer Physics Communications but is still under review.

Many thanks to all who have supported this work over the last six years of development!